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About Me

The beauty inside

My poetry, which ranges between different mediums, is characterized by a common thread: the search for beauty enclosed in everything. Mine is not an art of social commentary, as it is imbued with a constant need to create and show that "beauty" that is increasingly difficult to find in this world. When I look at my best photographs, they give me a feeling of order and precision, as if I had created small paintings (perhaps this is due to my pictorial training).


My Story

Born in Italy in 1977, my interest in the art world appears clear since adolescence, but my ambitions and desires are set aside during my technical studies.

In 2002 I decide to go back to art studies joining a drawing masterclass with the painter Nicola Nannini and by enrolling at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna: magnificent years of study, discovery, experimentation and great satisfaction follow.

Among others, I attend Prof. Pulini's four-year painting course and Prof. Berlincioni's two-year photography course.

In March 2009 I graduated in painting with a thesis on “Staged Photography”. 

Since then I have continued my artistic research by exploring different photographic sectors (fine art, live music, street photography, commercial, theatre, portraiture) with a predilection for the fantastic-dream stage.

In recent years, my work has focused on the exploration of different mediums in an optic of symbolic abstraction.

I exhibited my works in two personal exhibitions in Italy (in 2007 and 2010).

I have participated in group exhibitions, including:

- “Case Aperte * 9”, Bologna (2009);

- “Documenting young creativity. Photography ", Crespellano,

Bologna (2010);

- “Camera Oscura”, photographic contest at the Literary Cafe in Rome

(February 2011);

- “Interiora: show what you have inside”, Rome (2012).

- “Who Art You? 2 ", Milan (2013).

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Lisa Boselli

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